Free CRM WordPress Plugin to manage customers and invoicing

One of the common problem that small businesses have to deal with is the lack of human resources to be allocated to the "dirty job" of internal organization and customers relations. There's always something important to do, always to rush, always to keep an hear to on-the-fly tasks assignments, and -more than sometimes- it happens to forget something important. To overcome thess troubles it's useful to use a CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ), a software package that facilitate the "office-keeping" and increases productivity. The downside of a CRM software is usually its cost and its complexity, this last returning us again [...]

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What’s my IP? Get your georeferenced IP with javascript

Sempre più spesso è richiesto una profilazione del visitatore delle pagine web. Ci sono tanti script nei vari linguaggi lato server ma trovo questa tecnica, basata su un servizio di terze parti, assai utile perché scritta direttamente in javascript e con l’unico supporto di jquery. Tramite l’URL (dove le x indicano l’indirizzo IP del quale si richiede la georeferenziazione) è possibile ottenere i dati per la georeferenziazione in formato json. Se però non si invia nessun indirizzo IP, viene preso quello della pagina che contiene la richiesta. In questo modo la richiesta alla risorsa permetterà di ottenere le informazioni [...]

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WP Many Posts WordPress plugin

Do you have a WORDPRESS blog or corporate site with lots of posts? One of the most time-consuming activity in the daily and extraordinary maintenance of a blog with many posts are the edit screens. True is that in the edit.php screen the "quick edit" functions included in the WP core is an extremely powerful help, but it does'nt solve the problem in case of hundreds or even thousands of posts. Finding specific posts, open them, change title, or category or tag, save them and go to the next can be quite annoying. WP Many Posts Wordpress Plugin scope is to [...]

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