Free CRM WordPress Plugin to manage customers and invoicing

//Free CRM WordPress Plugin to manage customers and invoicing

One of the common problem that small businesses have to deal with is the lack of human resources to be allocated to the “dirty job” of internal organization and customers relations. There’s always something important to do, always to rush, always to keep an hear to on-the-fly tasks assignments, and -more than sometimes- it happens to forget something important.

To overcome thess troubles it’s useful to use a CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ), a software package that facilitate the “office-keeping” and increases productivity. The downside of a CRM software is usually its cost and its complexity, this last returning us again to the starting point of  human resources and know-how needs

What we propose today is a FREE CRM Wordress Plugin, simple to use, able to manage the whole process: from customer acquisition to invoice issuing, to notification of payment expiration and appointments, all within your WP dashboard.

Imagine this scenario: you’re out of office and you receive a notification on your smartphone. It’s an automatic notification from WP Smart CRM reminding an appointment (fixed one week earlier) with a customer for the next day.

The next scene sees you after the appointment with your customer, drinking a coffee in front of your tablet: just enter the CRM dashboard where you can see the reminder of the appointment just done. You can update the appointment status marked as “DONE” adding some notes on it, than you can setup a TODO for a collegue of you where you write to re-call the customer within 5 days to confirm a quote, you can even send the notification to yourself and monitor the event…

In the meantime, your’re notified that the yearly subscription of another customer is expiring soon, and so you decide to send him an email reminder.

Done! So now you can check your accountability, just go in your invoices section and mark some of them as “paid” , than you’d like issue a new invoice for the last delivered be sure that the payment is done you setup a notification  3 days after invoice payment expiration.. Done! You will no longer loose control over expired payments, WP Smart CRM will advice you to check for that payment.

All the described scenario is quite a standard for those who are used to work in wide teams with complex CRM but today, with our CRM and Invoice WordPress Plugin, even your small company can have a powerful software that manages  your office with lots of features ..FOR FREE

You can download WP Smart CRM & INVOICES FREE from the WordPress official repository here:

This is the official support page for WP Smart CRM & INVOICES FREE:

We hope you’d like to try our  CRM plugin for WordPress and that you send us feedback and bugs report. We count on our users opinions since we want this product to grow tailored on user real experience.


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